WithSecure Elements EPP for Servers Premium, Partner Managed

  • WithSecure Elements EPP for Servers Premium, Partner Managed

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  • WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Protection is cloud-native, AI-powered endpoint protection that you can deploy instantly from your browser and manage easily from a single console. WithSecuretm Elements Endpoint Protection helps companies stop threats like ransomwareand proactively avoid data breaches on their workstations, laptops, mobiles and servers. The solution has everything businesses need for endpoint protection, including fully integrated patch management capabilities to effectively prevent attacks that leverage vulnerabilities in installed software. Elements Endpoint Protection outperforms competing products, consistently earning top marks for providing the best protection in the industry. 

    Servers are critical to a company's communication, collaboration, and data storage. Elements Endpoint Protection provides security for servers while enabling them to run at peak performance. The solution provides security for Windows, Citrix, and Linux servers.  

    WithSecure™ Elements EPP for Servers provides the utmost security for your servers, while enabling them to run at peak performance. 

    Protected server platforms:

    • Windows server protection. Award-winning protection and patch management for Windows terminal and file servers. 
    • Citrix protection. Citrix-Ready certified. Full Citrix support, including patch management for published applications.
    • Linux protection. Provides core security capabilities for Linux clients, in addition to vital integrity checking.