WithSecure Elements EPP for Computers, Partner Managed

  • WithSecure Elements EPP for Computers, Partner Managed

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  • WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Protection is cloud-native, AI-powered endpoint protection that you can deploy instantly from your browser and manage easily from a single console. WithSecuretm Elements Endpoint Protection helps companies stop threats like ransomwareand proactively avoid data breaches on their workstations, laptops, mobiles and servers. The solution has everything businesses need for endpoint protection, including fully integrated patch management capabilities to effectively prevent attacks that leverage vulnerabilities in installed software. Elements Endpoint Protection outperforms competing products, consistently earning top marks for providing the best protection in the industry.

    WithSecure™ (formerly known as F-Secure) Elements EPP for Computers is the best endpoint security solution for Windows and Mac computers, proven year after year by independent security experts, such as AV-Test. 

    Much more than antivirus, WithSecure™ Elements EPP for Computers is next-generation security. With threat intelligence and machine learning, it’s proactive protection against today’s threats, including ransomware and zero-day attacks. 

    You can get F-Secure Elements EPP for Computers in Standard and Premium versions. The premium version includes advanced security features such as Application Control with script blocking and DataGuard with File Access Control for companies with heightened security requirements. 

    • Industry-leading Windows, Mac and Linux workstation security with protection against malware, trojans and backdoors
    • Cloud-based threat analysis powered by big data and machine learning
    • Identification of zero-day attacks through heuristic and behavioral analysis
    • Multi-engine malware protection offering superior protection compared to traditional technologies
    • Browsing protection preventing end-users from visiting malicious sites 

    Computer Protection:

    • Advanced anti-malware. Provides multi-engine detection capabilities. Offers better security than traditional solutions, without being reliant on a
    • single technology.
    • Deepguard. Offers proactive protection against 0-day malware and exploits through the use of heuristic and behavioral analysis.
    • Dataguard**. Provides additional detection capabilities against ransomware, and prevents destruction and tampering of data.
    • Security cloud. Our threat analysis and response systems provide our clients with real-time threat intelligence, allowing them to identify and respond to new threats as they emerge.
    • Device control. Enables control over usb-based devices, preventing data loss and malware infections via them.
    • Patch management. Blocks up to 80% of attacks by automatically patching windows and 3rd party software vulnerabilities. Includes options for exclusions and manual updates. 
    • Web protection. Prevents access to malicious and phishing sites, blocks malicious scripts and content and provides elevated protection for business critical web activity.
    • Application control** Blocks execution of applications and scripts according to rules created by our penetration testers, or as defined by the admin. 

    *Available features vary by operating platform
    **Available in computer protection premium  

    The product can be installed under the following subscriptions:

    F-Secure Elements EPP for Computers
    F-Secure Elements EPP for Computers Premium
    F-Secure Elements EDR and EPP for Computers
    F-Secure Elements EDR and EPP for Computers Premium 

    Everything in WithSecuretm Elements Endpoint Protection is managed through a single cloud-based console. This includes deployment, management and monitoring of all endpoint security components, their profiles and integrated tools – saving you time in management and maintenance tasks. 

    Centralized management. Consolidates the management of all endpoint components and integrated tools into one cloud-based management console.
    Hosted management portal. Does not require the installation of management servers or special software, works on any device. Fully htlm5 implemented.
    Easy deployment. Endpoint security clients can be deployed by email, local installation, batch script, or a domain-based remote installation tool.
    Uninstallation tool. Conflicting security solutions are automatically removed during deployment of windows clients, ensuring a smooth transition process.
    Policy setting. Security policies can be created, customized, and assigned individually or in groups by using labels.
    Automatic updates. Portal and clients automatically deploy product, security, and database updates, reducing maintenance work.
    Extensive reporting. Detailed graphical reports, such as “most attacked clients” with threat details, vulnerability reports based on missing patches and more.
    Management API. Supports integration via api to siem, rmm or any other 3rd party auditing, management or reporting tool.