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  • Complete business security system designed for physical, virtual, and cloud environments all through a single central management tool without sacrificing performance, transparency or IT resources. 

    WithSecure™ Business Suite is the perfect answer to your organization’s security challenges. It offers award-winning technologies combined with modern, clever tools to keep you protected against both known and unknown vulnerabilities. In it, we combine the years of expertise of the best brains in the security business with automated tools and the accumulated data and sample pool that helps us develop the product to combat the latest threats. 


    Why WithSecure™ Business Suite? Key features and benefits 

    Superior protection against viruses and worms. The product scans files on any Linux-supported file system. This is the optimal solution for computers that run several different operating systems with a multiboot utility.
    Transparent to end-users. The product works totally transparently to the end-users.
    Protection of critical system files. Critical information within system files is stored and automatically checked before access is allowed.
    Easy to deploy and administer. The default settings apply in most systems and the product can be taken into use without any additional configuration.
    Extensive alerting options. The product has extensive monitoring and alerting functions that can be used to notify any administrator in the company network about any infected content that has been found.
    Ready for cloud workloads. Supporting a wide range of Linux distributions including Amazon Linux  

    Product features:

    • Software Updater. Automatically update Microsoft and 2500+ 3rd party software apps.
    • DeepGuard. An intelligent, heuristic anti-malware engine offering 0-day detection capability.
    • WithSecureTM DeepGuard
    • Web content control. Improve security and productivity with controlled access to websites. Prevent access to websites based on categories.
    • Connection control. Activate additional security for sensitive transactions such as online banking.
    • Real-time protection. WithSecure™ Security Cloud protects against new malware as it utilizes threat details seen by other protected machines, making responses far more efficient.
    • Multi-engine anti-malware. Provide unmatched protection with highly advanced, multi-engine anti-malware. 
    • Firewall. Additional rules and management functionality integrated with Windows Firewall.
    • Browsing protection. Proactively prevents employees from accessing harmful sites that contain malicious links or content.
    • Device control. Control USB device access.
    • Botnet Blocker. Stop criminals aiming to control compromised assets by preventing communication to Command & Control domains.
    • DataGuard. Provides additional protection against ransomware, and prevents the destruction and tampering of data.
    • Application Control. Blocks execution of applications and scripts according to rules created by our penetration testers, or as defined by the administrator.

    Business Suite modules:

    Protection for Workstations and Laptops:
    WithSecure Client Security
    WithSecure Anti-Virus for Workstation

    Protection for Servers:
    WithSecure Server Security
    Linux Security Server Edition

    Protection for E-Mail and Web Filtering:
    E-mail and Server Security
    Internet Gatekeeper

    Central Management Tool:
    WithSecure Policy Manager  

    "WithSecure Business Suite" offers two versions  - "Business Suite Standard" ir "Business Suite Premiuim".  Version comparison you can see in  "Product  Comparison" field.