Webroot DNS Protection with GSM Console

  • Webroot DNS Protection with GSM Console

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  • Webroot®DNS Protection. Protective filtering for security, visibility, privacy and control. Minimize risks, maximize safety and productivity on the web. 

    Why do you need a protective DNS service? Today’s businesses need secure, private, manageable and visible control over internet traffic. The current domain name system (DNS) simply resolves internet requests through a global system of servers, then translates those requests into their unique Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. But this vital service was not designed with security in mind and many DNS exploits and vulnerabilities now exist. By using a protective DNS service like Webroot® DNS Protection organizations control their networks and maintain the security, privacy and visibility they need to protect IT infrastructure and users, even those working remotely. 

    What does a protective DNS service do? Its primary aim is to create a highly secure, private, resilient and manageable connection to the internet. Automated filtering uses Webroot BrightCloud® Internet Threat Intelligence to automatically block requests to undesirable, dangerous or malicious internet domains, even encrypted DNS over HTTPS (DoH) requests. This filtering alone stops most internet threats before they can infect networks or endpoints. It helps organizations achieve the management control over their DNS connection recommended by the joint NSA and CISA Guidance on Strengthening Cyber Defense Through Protective DNS. 

    Webroot® DNS Protection and NSA/CISA PDNS service attributes:

    • Blocks malware domains 
    • Blocks phishing domains 
    • Malware Domain Generation Algorithm (DGA) protection 
    • Content filtering 
    • Supports API access for SIEM integration or custom analytics 
    • Web interface dashboard 
    • Validates DNSSEC 
    • DoH/DoT capable 
    • Enables customizable policies by group, device or network 
    • Deploys across hybrid architectures
    • Leverages machine learning or other heuristics to augment threat feeds 

    How Webroot’s DNS Protection service is different? 

    Skip the hardware and software. This fully cloud-based, secure, resilient and reliable DNS service takes just minutes to set up and start protecting your connection, network and users from cyberattacks. 

    Apply timely, accurate and reliable web classifications. Webroot® BrightCloud Threat Intelligence forms the backbone of our service. Its accuracy, timeliness and reliability is trusted by over 130 of the world’s leading technology vendors. 

    Block threats at the domain level. Over 80 URL categories plus Google SafeSearch give you granular, policy-based control to automatically block dangerous and questionable site categories (Adult, Gambling, etc.) and unwanted sites like streaming media. 

    Enable policies by Group, Device or IP. Control internet use for users using pre-configured and custom policies by group, device or network – like guest WiFi.

    Get detailed, on-demand reporting. Use reports to drill down into threats blocked by Webroot® DNS Protection and achieve full visibility over internet threats and risky web usage. 

    Reduce infection cleanup costs. DNS filtering stops up to 88% of undesirable internet traffic1 the domain layer, so it never reaches your network. This saves you time, money and minimizes support costs.