Webroot Business Endpoint Protection with GSM Console

  • Webroot Business Endpoint Protection with GSM Console

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  • Webroot Business Endpoint Protection. Intuitive, automated cybersecurity that helps businesses become more resilient. 

    Stop sophisticated cyberattacks

    • Next-generation protection
    • Contextual threat intelligence
    • Industry-leading efficacy 

    Streamline management

    • Cloud-based console
    • Fast deployment & scans
    • RMM, PSA & BI integrations

    Save time and money

    • Lower TCO & flexible billing
    • No software conflicts
    • No reimaging 

     Webroot® Evasion Shield 

    • Protects against file-based and fileless script attacks
    • Blocks malicious JavaScript, VBScript, PowerShell, macros, and more
    • Enables admins to detect scripts running in their environments
    • Allows whitelisting for legitimate scripts 

    The Webroot management console has gotten a new look and feel, with a cleaner and more contemporary design. We gathered feedback from hundreds of users when considering UI and UX improvements to the console.

    • A better overview of system status
    • Improved remediation workflow
    • Easier site-to-site navigation
    • A better Delete Site workflow.