Threat Prevention Endpoint

  • Threat Prevention Endpoint

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    Heimdal Security
  • Threat Prevention
    Predictive Endpoint DNS Security
    Secure your hybrid workforce, either on-site or remote, with a trailblazing DNS security solution that combines cybercrime intelligence, Machine Learning and AI-based prevention in preventing future threats with stunning accuracy.

    Prevent Tomorrow’s Threats Today.

    In real-time, all the time.

    Filter DNS, HTTP and HTTPs traffic

    91% of online threats leverage DNS. Heimdal™’s Threat Prevention identifies emergent and hidden cyber-threats, stops cyberattacks that go undetected by traditional Antivirus and closes off data-leaking venues. With zero interruptions and minimal endpoint footprint.

    Own the present, see the future

    96% accuracy in predicting future threats through the use of applied neural networks modelling allows you to confidently own your company’s DNS governance setup and hinder all immediate and future cyber-threat scenarios. You stay ahead of the curve, with total confidence.

    Unleash unique Threat Hunting

    Spot malicious URLs, processes, and backtrack the attacker’s origins with a code-autonomous endpoint DNS threat hunting solution. Empower your team with the perfect tools and gain complete visibility and control over your endpoints and network.


    Unique Solutions for Advanced Problems
    True DNS over HTTPS Filtering.

    Threat hunt beyond the limited boundaries of DNS by leveraging the true powers of DNS over HTTPS traffic filtering to stop cyberattacks, hidden malware, and threats abusing legitimate tools, applications, or cloud services.
    Heimdal is the world’s first vendor on the market to integrate true DNS over HTTPS in a product, evolving past the standard rerouting of DNS packages. Threat Prevention gives no quarters to hackers, regardless of the connection protocol, company cyber-awareness status, profile, or industry.


    Beyond the bounds of traditional malware detection

    Take full control of your DNS, HTTP, and HTTPS communications, through unique ML-computed Threat Intelligence that empowers you to move the needle from traditional antivirus threat detection to a prevent-hunt posture. Capitalize on your threat-hunting potential with Threat-to-Process correlation for advanced malware processes and compromised users’ discovery. Gain unprecedented control over what happens inside and outside your corporate network, eliminating the need to rely on lackluster threat analysis software or hire additional security analysts.


    Rethink and challenge everything you know about threat-hunting

    Best-in-class malware hunting at your fingertips without the hassle of supporting platforms, obsolete pen-testing tools or non-GUI vulnerability assessment and mitigation tools. Cloud Access Security Brokerage (CASB) is the latest addition to Threat Prevention - Endpoint, designed to counter insider threats, root out and eliminate shadow IT instance, and any type of malicious activity associated with compromised accounts.


    True Cross-compatibility with any security solutions

    Complementing instead of overtaking, acting in concert and not suppressing, Threat Prevention is compatible with any other security solutions and can be deployed in your environment in less than an hour. Its cloud-native Threat Intelligence safeguards your most precious assets against any type of threat, from human error to full-fledged malware campaigns.



    One Unified Dashboard To Rule Them All.

    The centralized dashboard unlocks the full potential of your threat-hunting engine and cyber-stance. Crisp graphics, intuitive controls, ready-to-download security status reports, ROI outlooks, mitigated threats, CVEs, and more conveniently stacked into a responsive and unified dashboard.