Patch and Asset Management

  • Patch and Asset Management

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  • Patch and Asset Management
    Deploy, Patch and Manage your Software Inventory
    Automate your vulnerability management and save valuable time and resources with a patch management solution that lets you deploy and patch any Microsoft and Linux OS, 3rd party and proprietary software, on-the-fly, from anywhere in the world and according to any schedule. With complete visibility and granular control over your entire software inventory.

    Streamline and Automate Patch Management.

    Install and Patch Software. Close Vulnerabilities. Achieve Compliance.

    A to Z Patch Management

    Patch & Asset Management takes over any updating or patching flow, regardless of licensing options or vendor. Our patch management solution covers Microsoft and Linux OS, 3rd party software, and proprietary through command-line scripting.

    Advanced Patch Scheduling

    Patch anything, update everything, deploy, and upscale regardless of time-zone, machine availability or versioning. Push for advanced scheduling, force-reboot, on-demand update, patch, or security feature deployment. With greater accuracy and uniformity over PC clock sync compared to PTP or NTP syncing.

    Designed for Maximum Efficiency

    Designed to work for your users, not against them. Capitalize on time and IT resources by allowing your users to safely install, upgrade or downgrade software without over-the-shoulder supervision.

    Effortless Software Inventory

    Increased visibility over company-owned software assets. One interface for many jobs – updating, patching, downgrading, pushing custom packages, checking software versions, installed volume, and more. All of this under 30 seconds or less.

    Beyond Compliance

    Effortless software inventory means zero compliance issues. Every detail or modification is backlogged, archived, and made ready to be used for extensive inventory reports or compliance audits. The fastest way to obtain the NIST CM-7 controls accreditation.

    Easy Vulnerability Remediation

    Legacy is software familiarity. Get rid of outdated apps and close off the remaining security gaps. Automating the patch management process strengthens overall security, improves software performance, allowing your IT department to focus on more, company-vital, tasks.


    Key Benefits of the Heimdal Patch Management Software
    Highly Customizable Setup

    Play it your way; set up patching or updating schedules the way you like them, force-push updates to users or AD groups, uninstall unstable software versions or you can sit back, relax, and let our patch management tool figure out what’s best for your vulnerability and software asset management needs.


    Microsoft and Linux Updates made easy

    Unifying Windows and Linux under a single banner – Patch & Asset Management can now provide powerful and insightful vulnerability and patch management for both Windows and Linux-running machines and group policies. Install, deploy, and push security and non-security updates & patches on any system anywhere and anytime, regardless of build. Compatible with Ubuntu 18.04+.


    Automated Patching for 120+ Third-Party applications

    As soon as 3rd party vendors release new patches, our technology silently deploys them to your endpoints based on your configured policies, without the need for manual input, reboots or user interruption. Additionally, you can always use the Infinity Management add-on to deploy and patch any other custom application that supports silent installation commands.


    Tested and Delivered in Record time

    Patch & Asset Management has the shortest vendor to end-user waiting time: < 4 hours, which includes testing and repackaging. Every patch, update, rollup, hotfix, security pack, or fix is tested, adware-cleaned, and repackaged before added to your Heimdal cloud. HTTPS encapsulation ensures data in-transit privacy. Once uploaded to the Heimdal cloud, the resource becomes available for distribution and deployment.


    Easy Policy Creation and Deployment

    Enjoy completely customizable set-and-forget settings that allow you to automatically deploy your software and updates, with a full compliance and CVE/CVSS audit trail. This gives you the powerful option to tailor your entire IT environment. You can create policies that meet your exact needs across the Active Directory groups within your organization. Once configured, the deployment is easy and simple. Low bandwidth resources are necessary since our patch management software uses local P2P for patch distribution & deployment instead of client-server models.



    One Unified Dashboard To Rule Them All.

    Gain extensive vulnerability intelligence on your patched software and the current liabilities in your environment. This enables you to assess the need to intervene on certain endpoints if a risk persists for too long. An extensive lifetime history reporting is available through Excel spreadsheets reporting or API. Get complete visibility over your endpoints and software applications from the unified Heimdal Dashboard.