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  • Email Security

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  • Email Security
    Email Security Protection Solution
    Cloud and on-premises email protection solution, mixing Office 365 support with proprietary e-mail threat prevention to protect against mail-delivered threats and supply chain attacks.

    Great and Easy to Use Email Security.

    Stop email malware, malicious URLs, phishing and ransomware.

    Redefining spam filters

    Heimdal™ Email Security is more than a regular spam filter. Step into a new era of email security and compliance with a solution that combines outstanding Threat Intelligence with human expertise.

    Full email protection

    Whether it’s outgoing or incoming email, we got you covered. Ease of mind with a set-and-forget solution that real-time monitors all your email flows.

    Deep scanning approach

    It’s easy for hackers to hide malicious content inside an email. All it takes to bring down an entire structure is one click from a distraught user. Secure your email servers and accounts with confidence.


    Unique Solutions for Advanced Problems
    Multiple layers of protection

    Heimdal™ Email Security is the email assurance your remote and on-premises workforce needs. Every email is scanned for impersonation, data leak risks, and more. File attachments are scanned by default and blocked if the contents are marked as suspicious.


    Secure execution

    Mail attachments sent from outside of your company can hold many dangers. Email Security’s deep attachment scanner ensures that no malicious code makes it inside your workstation.


    Logging and reporting

    Complete email-based report for your reporting, compliance, and auditing requirements. Events classified as incidents are fully logged and can be reviewed from your Heimdal™ Unified Dashboard.



    One Unified Dashboard To Rule Them All.

    Heimdal™ Email Security is easy to use, highly efficient E-Mail Security solution for both Cloud and On-Prem based services. The 365 offering will give you everything you need to do Email Security, whilst ATP will keep you safe from the most advanced e-mail threats.