CCleaner Professional 1 PC, 1 Year

  • CCleaner Professional 1 PC, 1 Year

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  • CCleaner for Windows is computer optimization software designed for Windows users. Below, we run through four ways it can help you.

    Save hard drive space by cleaning digital 'junk'. CCleaner for Windows cleans out files from Windows computers that can accumulate over time, such as temporary files, broken shortcuts, and more. It can do this for Windows, web browsers, and various popular apps. This saves you hard drive space and helps to optimize your computer's performance.

    Our app can go as far as finding which files take up the most space on your hard drive, locating duplicate files (like photos or screenshots), or even securely wiping an entire hard drive you want to sell to somebody else or dispose of.

    Protect yourself from online identity theft. The app can delete your browsing history, plus temporary internet files that store information like login details and passwords. In turn, this reduces your risk of identity theft, allowing you to feel more confident online.

    Stabilize Windows, boost your system startup, and uninstall apps. You can also use CCleaner to remove unneeded entries in the Windows Registry to help keep your operating system working at its best. The app can uninstall software to help you save extra hard drive space, or you can select which programs start with Windows to give your system startup a boost!

    Reduce errors, crashes, and tame unruly hardware (CCleaner Professional). CCleaner's Driver Updater tool lets you find and update 25 million + drivers for Windows PCs. This helps you maintain critical parts of your Windows experience and can prevent errors with your sound, visuals, internet connection, and essential hardware (like a mouse and keyboard).

    Keep your software up to date and secure (CCleaner Professional). Our Software Updater tool keeps the software on your computer (that CCleaner supports) up to date. This ensures these programs are updated to the latest version, which helps keep them secure (if the creators of these third-party apps also fix any security vulnerabilities themselves).