Adobe Photoshop Elements 2022. 1 PC License

  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 2022. 1 PC License

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  • Automated editing. Incredible photos. Personalized creations.  
    • Instantly turn photos into art. In one click, transform your photos with effects inspired by famous works of art or popular art styles. Apply an effect to all or part of your photo, and easily adjust the results for exactly the look you want.   
    • Create not-so-still photos. Add moving overlays like snowflakes and sparkles, and create fun animated frames. Then save your photos as MP4s to share on social and more. 
    • Warp photos to fit any shape. Place one photo inside another by wrapping it around an object like a coffee mug or fitting it inside shapes like the lenses of your subject’s sunglasses. There’s no limit to what you can create! 
    • Add motion to your photos. With one click, transform your favorite shots into moving photos—fun animated MP4s and GIFs with 2D and 3D camera motion. It’s easy and perfect for sharing on social media. POWERED BY ADOBE SENSEI. 
    • Create perfect pet pics. Make your furry and feathered friends look their best. Frame them up just right, adjust color and lighting, select and refine detailed edges like fur, fix pet-eye, and remove collars and leashes in a few simple steps. 
    • Fine-tune face tilt. Make sure everyone in your photo is looking in the right direction by automatically adjusting the position of a person’s face. It’s great for selfies! POWERED BY ADOBE SENSEI. 
    • Adjust facial features. Get the perfect shot every time by automatically opening closed eyes, turning frowns upside down, and more. POWERED BY ADOBE SENSEI. 
    • Automatically colorize photos. Give black-and-whites new life or change up the colors in your pics with automatic colorization. POWERED BY ADOBE SENSEI. 
    • Išlygina odą automatiškai. Įsitikinkite, kad visi visada atrodo geriausiai. Lengvai sušvelninkite odos tekstūrą, neatrodydami jos nenatūraliai. PAGAL ADOBE SENSEI. 
    • Extend photo backgrounds. Create a stunning landscape or reposition your subject for the perfect social post by easily extending your photo’s background. The magic of Content-Aware Fill technology makes it all possible. 
    • Explore new slideshow styles. Show off your photos and videos and tell your stories with new animated slideshow templates in a range of eye-catching styles. 
    • Reduce camera shake. Camera shake happens to everyone. Thankfully, Shake Reduction gets rid of the blur quickly, easily, and automatically. 
    • Erase distractions with ease. Put the focus on your subject by removing people in the background, power lines, and other distractions. 
    • Move and scale objects. With step-by-step help, it’s easier than ever to select an object, duplicate and change its position, size, and more—meaning you can make your creation look exactly how you want. 
    • Create multi-photo text. Design visual text that features a different photo inside each letter. Easily adjust and resize your photos to make names or other words that look great. 
    • Add style with text and borders. Embellish special photos with borders and text that make them stand out. 
    • Create cool double exposures. Turn two photos into one work of art with a captivating double exposure effect.